WA Tweaks changes its name

⚠️ watweaks.com is a FAKE and UNAUTHORIZED domain ⚠️

What's happened

As I have already written many times, an Indian user called Huzaifa (@Xaif on Twitter) and admin of DroidRax (do not visit his blog please) has registered, without my authorization, a domain for WA Tweaks (watweaks.com DO NOT OPEN IT, dangerous) and he has always tried to make everyone believe that it was the official one. Absolutely incorrect behavior, no respect for me and my work 😐
You can find a more detailed explanation on this page.

Last month I managed to solve this situation through a DMCA to Google to remove his FAKE website from the index but that envious kid decided to do a counter notification and, unfortunately, Google had to restore it because the obscuration of the site was not decided by a court 🙄

For this reason the only solution, apart abandoning the development of the app, is to change the name and start over. New name, new beginning 😎

The new app

On March 11th the new app has been released and the name is WA Tweaker, similar to the previous one 😉

In order to use WA Tweaker correctly you have to uninstall WA Tweaks, which will never be updated again, or at least until that kid decides to give the domain to its rightful owner (me, of course 💁‍♂️).

Official website: https://watweaker.com/
Official Telegram channel: https://t.me/WATweaker
Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/WATweaker
Official Facebook page: https://facebook.com/WATweaker

If you are the owner of a blog or a Youtube channel and in the past you talked about WA Tweaks I would be very grateful if you update the links to the new app ❤️

Thanks for your attention, I hope you will install the new app and you will help me to grow it like the previous one 🤩

Best regards,